Megine comes from an old Scandinavian word for vitalality. We need this vitality to live our lives completely and fully, to feel good and to remain in good health.We must also refill this vital energy with more than we use, or else the body will become weak and insufficient. This becomes evident through reduced immune defence, fatigue and ill health. Vitalism and energy are produced from different sources, e.g. good food, sufficient rest, good loving relationships and nature's own energy. Life's energy is effective everywhere - in us and around us. The Megine-method® is used to strengthen and balance this energy and to increase the chances for healing and health.

Holistic grounds

The Megine-method® has a comprehensive view that touches on many dimensions of the human being. Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine's healing methods are grounded in the certainty that the body, soul and spirit are one. Everything is One and One is Everything.


We search for different pieces which make your healthpuzzle complete.
Such as: Physical, Emotions, Thougths and Spiritual.

Traditional naturopathy & modern healthcare in one concept



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