Who are we?

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Hi, nice to meet you!

May we present ourself, to you, our guest?

We are Marco, Francis, Sverre, Bjarne, Linde and Sune van Brink.

We moved from Holland to Sweden in 2005, because we wanted to fulfil our dream to live in this beautiful country Sweden. We think it is really nice to receive guests in our house. We like you to experience the same feeling of delight we get of the surroundings around our house and the Skansens nature reserve.

We have two cats 'Wampie' (an old little lord of nearly 18 years old) and Misse, a real little hunter of 1 year old. Our sweet dog is named Vickey, a young bitch of the Dutch breed Drentsche Patrijshond (Dutch Patridge).

Beside those lovely pets we own 7 hens of the old farmbreed Skånska Blommehöns. Nothing tastes better than fresh eggs of own ladies. Do you like to taste that too? Welcome to enjoy our breakfast, we already got a lot of compliments of our guests...

See for yourself how adorable our pets are! Because of our domestic animals, we can not receive yours!
Be so kind to arrange good care for them at home.

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Bed & Balance Skansen
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